History, Art and Culture

Between the Metauro valley and the Foglia valley, Urbino rises. It’s the  administrative center of the province together with Pesaro (“PU” stands for Pesaro-Urbino). It’s a city with infinite historic, artistic and cultural values.

“Palazzo Ducale”, whose construction was ordered by Federico da Montefeltro, is the city emblem, and it rises as an majestic and magnificient building.
Today, it hosts the National Gallery of Marche, and it’s one of the most visited monuments of the whole Marche region. It also hosts several musical and artistic events. Inside of it, you can admire some of the absolute masterpieces of the Italian artistic heritage: “Flagellazione di Cristo” and “Madonna di Senigallia” by Piero della Francesca, “Comunione degli Apostoli” by Giusto di Gand, “Miracolo dell’Ostia Profanata” by Paolo Uccello, and the sublime “Muta” by Raffaello.

Urbino also hosts one of the oldest universities in Europe, which is now called “Carlo Bo”, and it boasts the famous “Accademia di Belle Arti“.
It’s also known as the “Capitol of Books” because of the Institute for the Decoration and Illustration of the Books which was born in the second half of the 20th Century.

Urbino was one of the most important centres of the Italian Renaissance, and it fully preserves its architectural values. Its Old Town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Summer 2017 Events

  • Street Food Time 9-11 June

  • Palio dei Trampoli 16-18 June

  • Festival dell’ Aquilone 2-3 September

  • Mostra mercato dell’Antiquariato the first Sunday of each month


“Rinascimento Segreto” an exhibition organised by Vittorio Sgarbi: from 13th April to 3rd September 2017


Festival della Musica Antica
20-29 July