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You will be enchanted by the beauty of Pesaro, a city full of eighteenth-century palaces, museums, churches, libraries and small craft shops where you can admire amazing fully handmade arfitacts.

Rocca Costanza overlooks the city: a former military fort, which was built in the second half of the fifteenth century by Costanzo Sforza, which is now the summer seat for several cultural events, exhibitions and expositions.

Pesaro is mainly popular for its worldwide-known events like Rossini Opera Festival, which every year – in August – brings to the stage the masterpieces by Gioacchino Rossini, with internationally renowed singers and artists.

Pesaro has received the title of European Sports City due to the several international sport events which take place every year in the city, and City of the Bicycle for its large network of cycle paths. It has also received the certificate of Blue Flag for the quality of its water and sea, touched by the long wonderful beaches full of bathhouses.

Recurring events

Beach and Nature

The flagship of Pesaro: unforgettable landscapes between wonderful beaches and superb hills.

City of Art, Music and Culture

Concerts, events, museums: in Pesaro, culture is at home. Every week a new event, for a always living city.

City of the bike

With a tens-of-kilometres long cycle lane, Pesaro is one of the easiest city to be traversed by bike.

Towns and Attractions

a territory full of beauty


35km from Pesaro

Urbino was one of the most important centres of the Italian Renaissance, of which it preserves its architectural heritage. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also hosts one of the oldest universities, Carlo Bo, which boasts a famous Academy of Fine Arts.


15km from Pesaro

Not far from the sea and with a pleasant hilly landscape that is the background, Gradara is known throughout Europe for its historic Malatesta Fortress and its fortified village, that represent one of the better-preserved medieval architecture structures in Italy.

Gola del Furlo

50km from Pesaro

Furlo represents an extraordinary scenario to be covered on foot along the paths that border it. During this naturalistic route, you can admire the imposing overhangs, ancient Roman galleries, and rare floristic protected species.

Romagna Riviera

20km from Pesaro

The Romagna Riviera is a stretch of marine coastline that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It’s over 90 km long and full of places where you can spend night full of fun. But it’s not only nightlife: it is also a small cradle of history and culture, with many Roman monuments.

San Marino

60km from Pesaro

Between Romagna and Marche, San Marino is a special place to visit. It’s considered to be the
oldest Republic in the world, and it welcomes its visitors with this writing: “San Marino ancient land of freedom”. It’s well-known all over the world for its natural and artistic beauties, and every year it attracts millions of visitors which here can find tons of places to visit and a lot of hospitality.

Grotte di Frasassi

100km from Pesaro

Considered among the most beautiful in Europe, the Frasassi Caves are a stunning underground landscape. Entering the karstic cavities you can admire the natural sculptures, formed as a result of limestone stratifications over the course of 190 million years.

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